Twilio Basics

Twilio is a cloud platform that allows you to easily integrate web-delivered services into telecommunications infrastructure: voice calling, SMS messaging and more. Their programmable SMS works as illustrated below:

  • You sign up to Twilio and receive developer credentials / tokens
  • You register a new number linked to Twilio’s platform that can be used to send and receive messages
  • Twilio will manage the communication for that number
  • You will be able to have Twilio route incoming SMSs as a HTTP request (or webhook) to an endpoint on your web service
  • This endpoint will response in a Twilio prescribed format and that response will be picked up by their servers, and ultimately routed back to the SMS sender as a reply
  • You can use Twilio’s API (application programming interface) to send SMSs (this allows your platform to initiate conversations too)

Twilio Platform

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Their video describes the process pretty well. Take a look here:

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