What is this site?#

This site accompanies the CMU Spring course, Programming for Online Prototypes. It offers students a 7-week experience that introduces them to programming microservices and conversational UX by building code-based prototypes

What language/frameworks do you use for this course?#

The course uses Ruby and Sinatra as it’s main frameworks

What does this site offer?#

The site will offer guides, links and code tutorials to support you building your first projects with Ruby. Each weekly lab will be accompanied with new content on this site so that you can follow along in class and/or practice in your own time.

Hold on xyz is missing? I want to know more about xyz...#

The course site grows weekly and new content will be added just before or just after each class. But if there’s something you really want to know (e.g. something that goes beyond the course materials) you can request additional content to be added here.