Showing Hidden Files

When you’re working with .env files they are hidden by default… Woudn’t it be nice if your text editor showed them?

Showing Hidden Files in Atom

If you’re working with Atom you can show hidden files and hidden folders (except .git) as follows:

  • Open Atom
  • Choose Settings > Core Settings
  • Uncheck Exclude VCS Ignored Paths.
  • In the option for Ignored names: Remove the ._*, or anything that looks like .* (see image below)

Atom Ignore Settings

Showing Hidden Files in TextMate


If you’re working with TextMate you can show hidden files and hidden folders (except .git) in your TextMate project drawer:

  • Open Textmate, choose the TextMate menu then Preferences...
  • Click the Projects Tab
  • Replace the following:

Include Files Matching with:



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